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Find the most suitable electric chain hoists for your lifting needs. Heavy equipment is easily lifted and moved around with our easy to use hoists. Discover and order our hoists and have them delivered within 1-2 business days or reach out to us with any request or questions you might have!

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Popular Hoists

Excellent quality and proven technology combined in our most popular Hitachi Hoists.

Our hoists were put into practice at a Dutch marina

Read how the experts of Klein Transport Technicians used our electric hoists during a project at a Dutch marina. First, the hoists were used to move heavy equipment in a safe and efficient way. Secondly, they installed four 5-ton Hitachi electric chain hoists during the project to lift boats. All to increase the safety and efficiency at the marina.

Now after three months of usage, they gave us their honest opinions about the electric hoists of Hitachi. Read all about the project and the Technicians experience on our marina & boat hoist page.

How your workshop can benefit from electric hoists

Our Hitachi electric chain hoists are used in a variety of industries. Especially in workshops and car garages our hoists are frequently used. 

Discover how your workshop can benefit from a Hitachi electric chain hoist. Learn how it makes your workshop a safer place to work at, how they increase efficiency and highly reduce the risk of damaged goods.

Read all about it on our car & workshop hoists page.

How hoists are used at construction sites

Nowadays it is more important than ever that you as an employer or the operator responsible for lifting heavy cargo ensure a safe workplace. Especially at construction sites, there are a lot of safety risks. Next to this you want to make sure the work is done as efficiently and cost-effective as possible. Using electric chain hoists will make sure you or your colleagues can lift heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

Read here how our hoists are used at construction sites, construction site hoisting page.

Hoisting in the food processing industry

When it comes to hoisting at food processing locations, it’s important that you can trust that your equipment is up to the task. In addition to being able to move heavy loads safely and easily, quality standards must also be considered when it comes to food handling/processing. After all, your customers deserve only the best quality.

But how can you guarantee your customers the best and most consistent quality when it comes to your hoisting equipment? Read all about it on our food industry hosting page and find out how our hoists will benefit your food processing workplace..

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The reasons to buy a Hitachi electric chain hoist are simply defined.

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  • We are the only direct-from-stock electric hoist supplier in the UK
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