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Lifting equipment in professional environments is all about time, safety and efficiency. Our goal in this blog is to show you how to improve work processes by using an electric hoist. Saving time and money is what every entrepreneur wants, right? Here are the advantages of the electric hoist that we have listed for you in this blog.

High Production

Productivity within a company is a point of attention. With an electric hoist, it is effortless to enlarge it. It’s a godsend that you don’t have to do everything manually. This way, everything runs faster and easier on the site. In addition, the staff is less stressed in their muscle strength. This keeps them fit for longer and prevents them from getting injured.

Lifting heavy cargo safely

An electric hoist can lift a lot of weight: the range you can choose from is 250 kg to 5,000 kg. This way, you and your co-workers know that the job will undoubtedly be done. When the number of kilograms exceeds 5,000kg, it is better to lift with other equipment. If the load is not heavier than 5000 kg, you will also save on the costs for heavier machines, such as forklifts, with our hoists.

Sustainable solution

When used safely and properly maintained, the Hitachi electric chain hoist is a very durable solution. It is a one-time investment of a machine with long service life. All that is required is periodic maintenance and regular inspection. This is no problem at all by keeping to a fixed care and inspection schedule.

Electric hoists are silent

In comparison to other lifting equipment, electric hoists are relatively silent. This is especially important when you are using the hoists indoors.

Hitachi Electric Hoists are easy to use

Our hoists are plug-and-play hoists. Meaning relatively no setup is needed and the usage of the hoists is intuitive. Secure yourself a Hitachi hoist and find out how convenient they are.

Affordable prices

Finally, the price is a significant advantage of the electric chain hoist. Compared to other machines, the electric hoist is a cheap solution. In addition, a little workforce is required to operate the device. The exact cost of an electric chain hoist varies, depending on the model. Discover our hoists in the shop, configure them to your needs or feel free to contact our specialists. We will undoubtedly find a model that is perfectly suitable for you.


The electric hoist is a welcome guest on the construction site. Work is completed faster with lighter equipment. You save on costs for personnel and heavy machinery. High production and efficient working methods make it easier to make your company profitable.

Discover our electric hoists and secure yourself a best-in-class electric hoist. All our hoists are delivered directly from stock and will be at your doorstep in a matter of a few days.

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