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Nowadays it is more important than ever that you as an employer or the operator responsible for lifting heavy cargo ensure a safe workplace. Especially at construction sites, there are a lot of safety risks. Next to this you want to make sure the work is done as efficiently and cost-effective as possible. Using electric chain hoists will make sure you or your colleagues can lift heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

On this page we will explain how an electric chain hoist can help you create a more efficient and saver way of working. We've used actual client input to help you create a better picture in to the actual usage of our previously delivered hoists.

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Benefits of an electric hoist for your construction site

Besides the fact that electric chain hoists will make your life easier on a daily basis, there are some additional benefits. Hoists will significantly help your business to the next level.

✓ Electric Chain Hoists improve Safety

The most important thing at a construction site is safety. Using an electric chain hoist significantly reduces the risk of accidents at the site. This is because the hoists reduce the amount of heavy lifting for your employers, are highly precise and have multiple safety protocols such as a safety brake.

✓ Electric Chain Hoists are cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is important for every company. So this also plays a major role in the choice of an electric hoist. Electric hoists are capable of lifting equipment that normally would require several people. Also, Hitachi hoists are proven to last for a long time in comparison to others. At last, the usage of an electric hoist increases the accuracy of the lifting tasks and therefore prevents damaged goods.

✓ Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists are very reliable

You don’t want to buy an electric hoist that is not reliable. Malfunctioning of the hoist can cause accidents and damaged goods which at all costs you want to prevent. Hitachi hoists have proven to be best-in-class and have an extremely long service life. The hoists are built by years of innovation and proven results for decades.

A Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist is therefore a very cost-effective and safe way of lifting any type of object, large or large, light or heavy, in any area.

Safe and Reliable Hitachi Electric Hoists

you should know of the quality standards which are applicable to electric chain hoists. Usually, cheap hoists also come with safety issues. All Hitachi hoists are global, European and UK assessed and received the applicable certifications. Read more about the importance of certified lifting equipment. An inexpensive hoist may leave the safety and quality parameters essential under various rules, laws, and regulations. A manual chain can lift up a lighter load, but an electrical chain hoist may be used to lift heavier loads at construction sites. Nevertheless, they must not be utilized for lifting loads beyond their lifting capacity.

Therefore, it is usually advisable to determine the rated capacity from the electric chain hoist before going ahead and buying it. 

Now, discover all our Electric hoists. Not sure what electric hoist you need? Read this guide on how to choose the right electric hoist. Do you have any other questions about a specific application? Please feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will guide you through the process!

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Most frequently bought electric chain hoists for construction sites

The benefits of an electric hoist at a construction site

Create a safe work environment
Reduce the risk of damaged goods
Increase work-efficiency