3 ton electric hoist

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Looking for an electric hoist with a lifting maximum lifting capacity of 3 tons (3.000 kg)? In this overview, you will find all suitable electric hoists. Do you have any questions or do you need help in another way? Please feel free to contact us.

3.000 kg electric chain hoists

Lifting heavy equipment? Make use of our best-in-class Hitachi electric chain hoists. The 3.000kg Hitachi chain hoists are the perfect fit for many needs. Our electric chain hoists will save you time, reduce the risk of damaged goods, and above all make your workplace a safer area.

Efficiency and safety are the most important factors at a construction site, dockyard, garage, or other locations where heavy equipment is lifted. That's why you should carefully select your new hoist. Hitachi's hoists are built upon decades of innovation and experience and have proven to be of the highest standards. Next to this our hoists are fast delivered and enable businesses and people to reduce the time used to complete multiple projects and lifting work.

Electric Chain Hoist – 3 ton

Lifting equipment up to 3 tons (3.000kg) is requiring a hoist customized to your needs. Luckily our hoist can be customized on multiple levels. Of course, you would like to pick a hoist with the right lifting capacity, but you can also include a trolley or remote control and adjust the chain height of the hoist.

Whatever you select, Hitachi hoists will help you with whatever lifting needs you have.

Why you should order your 3000 kg electric chain hoist with us?

As we are the exclusive partner of Hitachi in the UK you will benefit from loads of advantages. We deliver our hoists direct from stock resulting in a 2-3 business day delivery. Our staff are Hitachi hoist experts and here to help you along the way. Feel free to reach out whenever you have a question or need support. Last but not least all our electric chain hoists are UK conformity assessed!