Hoisting in the Food Processing Industry

When it comes to hoisting at food processing locations, it’s important that you can trust that your equipment is up to the task. In addition to being able to move heavy loads safely and easily, quality standards must also be considered when it comes to food handling/processing. After all, your customers deserve only the best quality. But how can you guarantee your customers the best and most consistent quality when it comes to your hoisting equipment?

A Hitachi hoist is perfectly suitable for the food industry due to its stainless steel components, corrosion-resistant surfaces and customizable options. All this to fulfill the needs you may have for lifting food and other relevant cargo within the food industry. Our experts are aware of all the things you would need when lifting cargo in the food industry. Ask one of our experts to help you select the most suitable hoist or order directly in our shop.

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We are the owners of two 2.0 ton electric hoists. We are using them for a few weeks now and are very happy with our purchase. Together with the experts of Hitachi-Hoist we've customised our hoists to fulfill our needs. We are lifting used deep-frying fat up to 1.500 liters and therefore safety is our priority.

WouterOperational Manager

Choosing the right hoist for the job

A hoisting device for the food industry requires stainless steel components and corrosion-resistant surfaces. Not all lifting equipment in the market meets these requirements. Therefore, it is essential to check this before proceeding with the purchase of a hoist for the food processing industry.

In addition to the hardware components involved in hoisting, you should also consider, for example, food-grade lubricant. This will prevent contamination of the product if oil drips from the seal. 

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The benefits of an electric hoist at a food processing location

Create a safe work environment
Reduce the risk of contamination
Increase work-efficiency

Most frequently bought electric chain hoists in the food industry

Why a Hitachi electric hoist is fits the job?

The Hitachi electric chain hoists are multi-purpose hoists and can serve all your food processing hoisting needs perfectly, but it doesn’t stop there. Hitachi Hoists can be specifically tailored with stainless steel components such as the chain on request. Lubricating oil (grease) is located in a sealed component by design so you can be assured that there is no risk of leakage in the product during the production process. 

Hitachi Hoists have proven to be ideally suited for applications in the food processing industry. This has been endorsed by several of our valued customers. 

Making a difference in your production hall

  • Electromagnetic brake system
  • Patented load limiter to protect against overloading
  • A durable design that is weather, wind and temperature resistant
  • Full remote control option
  • Fully Customizable to your needs (stainless steel components etc.)
  • Choose between speed and precision options

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