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In most marinas it’s essential to have a reliable and easy to use electric chain hoist. In many cases heavy equipment, cargo or whole boats need to be lifted and moved during the day. Our Hitachi hoists are proven to be best-in-class and used in many purposes in many marinas and harbours around the world.

On this page we will explain how an electric chain hoist can help you create a more efficient and saver way of working. We’ve used actual client input to help you create a better picture in to the actual usage of our previously delivered hoists.

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We've bought and installed the 5 ton electric chain hoists a few months ago and are very happy with our purchase so far. The support during the purchase was great and the order was delivered within the promised window.

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How Klein Transport experienced working with our electric chain hoists

Klein Transport Technicians is a company that supports transportation projects in all kinds of industries. During their last assignment at a Dutch marina, they’ve used our hoists to help restructure the layout of the marina in a safe way.

The chain hoists of Hitachi were used for multiple occasions. The experts of Klein Transport Technicians used them to safely move heavy equipment and also installed four five-ton hoists for the employees at the dockyard to use.

Both Klein Transport Technicians and the people at the marina rated our Hoists & Service with 5 out of 5 stars after 3 months of usage. Needless to say that we are proud of this!

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The benefits of an electric hoist at a marina

Create a safe work environment
Reduce the risk of damaged goods
Increase work-efficiency

Most frequently bought electric chain hoists for marinas

Boat hoists for safe and secure lifting

As part of the overall success, the technicians installed four 5 ton electric chain hoists to make sure boats can be lifted efficiently and in a safe way. The Hitachi electric hoists are multi-purpose hoists and can serve perfectly to lift boats. The easy-to-use hoists are designed to operate for many years and are easy to service.

Some of the features that will make a difference for your marina:

  • Electromagnetic brake system
  • Patented load limiter to protect against overloading
  • A durable design that is weather, wind and temperature resistant
  • Full remote control option
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Choose between speed and precision options

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