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Safety rules and regulations are clear. The Occupational Safety and Health Code specifically establishes that lifting equipment and elements must be certified by an acknowledged and designated organization. The certificate must clearly describe the load scenarios and classification information to confirm the ability of the equipment and accessories to lift the load.

All Hitachi hoists received the required certifications and markings. Two of the most important markings our hoists have are the European CE Marking and the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed).

But what is the importance of these certifications?

For security

Certified lifting equipment assures you that the machinery is suitable and complies with the safety standards specified by the regulations. In addition, you make sure to prevent accidents. This means that it complies with the appropriate safety factor and you will be able to carry out maneuvers without any risk. The continuous inspection also guarantees that the equipment remains in good operating condition during its useful life. When an engineer performs the inspection, they must certify that the equipment has been checked and is safe for continued use. We recommend do inspect your hoists at least every year and do a regular check yourself.


First of all we are no lawyers of course, but what we find important is that every employer takes responsibility for doing their due diligence to make sure their workplace is safe.

Obtaining certified hoists shifts some of the responsibility for whether the equipment is safe from the employer, operator and his company to the company producing the hoists and receiving the certifications. 

This only leaves the operator to ensure that the lifting equipment or machinery is being used correctly to prevent accidents.

hoist attached to ceiling

Safe operation

As you know working with heavy loads, machinery or other cargo increases the risk for both the operators as goods. However, these are considerably reduced by having certified hoists. All Hitachi hoists are delivered with a document that certifies that they are in optimal conditions to carry out their work.

In this way, the inspection and certification of our hoists and elements allow us to guarantee the operation and proper functioning of it from a product perspective. In this way, possible leaks, accumulation of residues, progressive failures in the components, or severe failures in the equipment can be detected.

Together with Hitachi we’ve worked extensively on obtaining all legal requirements. The current regulations are as follows:

  • In UK, Law 29783 SST establishes the lifting equipment certification requirements.
  • SSOst001 Inspection of Tools, Equipment and Installations.
  • SSOst0010 Restriction and Demarcation of Areas.\\\\
  • ASME 30.5 Standard, Mobile Cranes.
  • ASME 30.4 Standard, Pedestal and Portal Cranes
  • ANSI/ASME Standard 30.2, Overhead Cranes and Gantry Cranes (Overhead Running Bridge, Single or Multi Girder, Overhead Rail Hoist).
  • Standard ASME B30.17 Cranes and monorail (with the suspension car on the bridge).
  • ASME B30.22 Standard, Articulated Boom Crane.
  • ASME B30.9 Standard, Slings.
  • ASME B30.10 Standard Hooks.
  • Standard ASME B30.26 Lifting Elements (Rigging hardware).
  • ANSI 92.5 American National Standard Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platforms.
  • OSHA 1926.1400, 1408, 1409, 1419, 1420, 1421, 1422 Subpart CC.
  • OSHA 1926.1500 Subpart DD.
  • Standard Signals for Hoists with Cranes 1 CRN MIA 1302C.
  • Mobile Crane Operator CRN MTI1001C.
  • Cargo Securing MTI1001C LSE.
  • ANSI B56.1 Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks.

Safely buy certified hoists

At Hitachi Hoist we’ve obtained the necessary marks and follow UK legal regulations for all our hoists. Ordering one of our hoists will make sure you buy the safest and quality proven hoists in the world. Also as an exclusive supplier of Hitachi we make sure that:

  • Your hoists are directly shipped from stock.
  • We have hoist experts at your service at any time.
  • We provide all documentation necessary for the hoist and certifications

Check out all our electric hoists directly and get the best hoist delivered within a matter of days.


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