Workshop and Car Garage Hoisting

Electric chain hoists are ideal for use in workshops and car garages. The use of a fully electric hoist is often considered not only faster, but also much safer for frequent hoisting of heavy loads without extra physical effort (it’s just a simple push of a button). All you need to do is to manage your lifting process with a remote control console and that heavy engine block is in place in no time.

On this page we will explain how an electric chain hoist can help you create a more efficient and saver way of working. We've used actual client input to help you create a better picture in to the actual usage of our previously delivered hoists.

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Why choose a Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist for your next repair job?

Besides the fact that our electric chain hoist will make your life easier on a daily basis, there are some real additional benefits that will significantly help to take your business to the next level. Some of the reasons for choosing an electric chain hoist are: 

✓ Electric Chain Hoists improve Safety

Probably the most important reason is safety in the workshop. Using an electric chain hoist significantly reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace. This is because the hoist takes all the heavyweight and not the worker themselves. The hoists work very accurately and have a safety brake built in that helps prevent accidents.

✓ Electric Chain Hoists are cost-effective

In addition to safety, cost-effectiveness also plays a major role in the choice of a Hitachi electric chain hoist. Electric hoists are capable of lifting what previously might have required several people. This not only saves on man-hours (and the occasional injuries) but another important reason is the prevention of damaged goods.    

✓ Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists are very reliable

While working on important projects reliability is essential and our Hitachi hoists have proven to be the best in their class. Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists have an extremely long service life and have been praised for this for many years. Any problems can usually be easily repaired. A Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist is therefore a very cost-effective and safe way of lifting any type of object, large or large, light or heavy, in any area.

Customize your Electric Chain Hoist to your needs

Make sure to customize your electric chain hoist to your needs. At Hitachi Hoists we offer you electric chain hoists which are customizable to your needs. We provide you the option to Customize the length of the chain, the lifting power, and voltage.

Now, shop our electric hoists directly. Not sure what electric hoist you need? Read this guide on how to choose the right electric hoist. Do you have any other questions about a specific application? Please feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will guide you through the process!

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Most frequently bought electric chain hoists for cars and workshops

The benefits of an electric hoist at a car garage or workshop

Create a safe work environment
Reduce the risk of damaged goods
Increase work-efficiency